Regarding Pet Memorials and Why We Provide Them Here

Laying your pet’s body to rest in a grave accentuated with pet headstones is a touching way to keep the memory of your pet alive. A pet memorial is also the perfect gift for our loved ones who are grieving for their lost pet. A headstone is a perfect way to commemorate the pet who had given the people around him or her the joy of their companionship.

The passing away of an animal or pet to which a person had been bonded emotionally can be a terrible loss. Some people may compare it to the loss of a human loved one, while a few others might even feel more strongly about it. It’s made even worse when its owner makes the decision of having their pet put down due to illness or old age. There are no specific time frames as to how long it takes for a person to go through the grieving process. Although the loss of animal companions may seem minor to other people, a person’s mourning can be very intense for a pet whom they have become emotionally dependent.

Observing a memorial service for a pet is one of the many cathartic ways to deal with the passing of a loved companion. Placing a stone marker to remember their passing will also help the bereaved deal with their grief. After all, grieving is a normal process, and the observance and acceptance of the passing of a loved one by marking a grave with a headstone can help the bereaved move on and accept the loss easier.

How Pet Headstones Can Help You Grieve

The fact of the matter is that purchasing pet memorial materials such as tombstones, grave markers and pet headstones can be beneficial to all concerned. Not only does it help keep the memory of your pet alive in your heart, but pet headstones also serve as reminders for the good times you had with each other as well as a reminder of what your pet meant to you and marks that special place where you laid your precious companion to rest.

If you have your pet buried in your backyard, pet headstones are perfect to serve as grave markers. Not only are they reflective and nice to look at, they also add a more natural feel to your garden as pet headstones are often made of natural rock. Pet headstones are perfect for backyard memorials and graves as they aesthetically create a serene and peaceful ambiance. Your pet will surely be missed, but the sight of these headstones would make any bereaved pet owner understand that though their companion may be gone, they shall forever live in their hearts as cherished memories.

Pet Headstones As Gift Ideas

Some might think the idea of giving pet headstones as gifts as a bit uncommon, but in reality they make perfect sense, especially if you’re giving them to a person who had recently suffered the loss of a pet. Often times when one is grieving, many other factors around them are forgotten and ignored. Friends and family are often there to pick up the slack, so consider it your part to help by gifting your friends with pet headstones for their departed pets.

Placing pet tombstones can easily help accept the difficulty of losing someone, not just human beings but pets as well. Death in particular, puts us in a very vulnerable position and when we might find ourselves at a pet tombstone in the hopefully distant future, the initial shock of death can be an extremely painful. It is the fact that it has to be dealt immediately that makes it more painful. The same goes for the loss of anything we hold dear.

As such, losing a family friend can be as difficult and as emotionally tough as the death of a human being. It has been a tradition in many families that pets be honored in their passing through simple burial ceremonies including the use of pet tombstones. Words are said in memory of the pet, and a simple grave to mark the passing. Pet tombstones might seem a simple way to honor the lost pet, but are actually helpful steps that allow people to grieve.

The Simplicity of Pet Tombstones

Memorials utilizing pet tombstones are great ways to immortalize pets. Choosing to honor your companion with a pet tombstone may seem a bit too much for some people, but you’ll find that it’s as perfectly natural as it would be something you would do for any other loved one. The life of a pet can be as precious as another loved one and by choosing the correct pet tombstones to commemorate your pet’s life such markers would certainly be a great addition to the memorial service. Placing small, engraved tombstones as a marker adds the final touch to any burial.

When choosing a memorial consider the location, this is important because it should also be a good place for setting up the pet tombstones. Pet tombstones are perfect for gardens and yards as it not only indicator of the grave of your companion but it also serves as a beautiful aesthetic to any outdoor area. Its subtlety and simplicity makes it perfect for areas with plants and flowers.

Personalizing Pet Tombstones

Generic and plain looking pet tombstones such as what you see in certain graveyards from the past need not be the marker for your friend’s grave. Nowadays there are a lot of  memorial services that offer fully personalized pet tombstones. You can choose to have simple icons on your tombstones – usually of the same breed of animal – or just have engraved a plain text of your pet’s name, a short message, or a simple biblical passage. With customizable options, you can get your pet’s tombstone to truly say what you mean and how you feel over your pet’s passing.

Holding a memorial service with pet tombstones is a great way to seek closure and receive an emotional catharsis to help owners start the grieving process over their loss.  Though they say that time heals all wounds, there is no reason for us not to help it move along easier, and using pet tombstones for your memorial is a great way to do that.
If you have lost your beloved pet, flat rock pet memorials are a way to remember them in a memorable fashion. If you do choose a burial service, you can either bury your pet yourself and use a flat rock memorial or you can look for a pet memorial expert that will help you organize and prepare the memorial service for your dearly loved pet, in this manner you can honor their importance as a beloved family member.

Most pet owners consider their pet more than just a pet, a lot of them treat their pets like family and, in some cases, like their own children and losing them can somewhat shake the world of the owner who has built a relationship with their dearly beloved pet. A lot of people who have lost their pets, go to counselors for advice on how to cope with the death of a pet who they love and care about and most, if not all, will tell them that the easiest way to relieve the pain of losing a pet is to celebrate the times the owner and the pet have spent together. Memorializing a pet that has passed on with a flat rock is one important step of many to moving on.

Flat Rock Pet Memorials And Remembering Your Pet

Losing a pet can be hard, and if you want to formally lay them to rest you can give them a pet memorial service. You can choose to have something big and extravagant, to be held with your close friends and relatives or choose to have a service that is simple and solemn, just for you and your immediate family.

A pet memorial service will give you a sense of release and help you have closure on the death of a dearly loved pet, you can cry all you want and celebrate the memories your pet has left you and the people who have also been close to your pet. As an integral part of any memorial, choosing flat rock pet memorials are highly recommended. A flat rock offers a classic way to remember your pet. It’s smooth surface can easily be inscribed with your pet’s name and a description to remember them by.

Flat Rock Pet Memorials and Pet Cemeteries

There are many ways nowadays to enshrine beloved pets who have passed on, you can choose to inter them in your backyard, in a pet cemetery or cremate your pet and put their ashes in a cemetery or in your home. If you want a formal place to mourn the death of your dearly loved pet, you can place their ashes or remains in a pet cemetery and place a beautifully carved flat rock on top of your pet’s grave to commemorate the birth and death of your pet.

The choosing a flat rock to put on top of your pet’s grave is crucial, and one important aspect is to choose an engraver that has experience with headstones, if you want to honor the your deceased pet with something elegant and stylish. Flat rock pet memorials are the simplest way to commemorate your pet’s life without overdoing it.

Getting your departed pet a flat rock marker for their grave is one of the most important things in a memorial, not only do you have a reminder as to where your pet is interred, it also gives a proper place for you to remember your pet. Choosing flat rock pet memorials would be a great idea due to its classic and practical design.

When you lose someone as special as your pet, having tumbled bluestone pet memorials in your garden can help you honor your dearly loved pet in a dignified way. By doing this you memorialize the experience you had with them and not dwell on the fact that they have moved on. Getting over the death of a beloved pet can be hard, when you have shared so many memories with them and have spent your life loving them and caring for them, we get used to them frolicking around the house and we treat them more than just a pet; we treat them like they are a part of our family. A member of the family that deserves their very own tumbled bluestone marker after they have left our lives.

Moving on with Tumbled Bluestone Pet Memorials

Your dearly loved pet deserves more than just a quick burial in your back yard; getting them a memorial service with a tumbled bluestone marker is the best way to honor their memory. It does not have to be a big service, it could be a simple intimate memorial service with just you and your family to commemorate the death and honor the memories left by your pet. Ttumbled bluestone pet memorials can be as simple or intricate as your tastes require.

Moving on after the death of a pet who we loved, a pet that we have treated more like a member of a family is hard. We must try and seek strength from the good memories they left with us, not to dwell on their death. Get tumbled bluestone pet memorials to put in your garden or in their grave with a short message of how we feel about them can help us get over the death of a dearly beloved pet.

Tumbled Bluestone Pet Memorials Commemorate the Life Spent With Your Pet

A lot of people try to forget the memories of their pet, because it pains them to remember their departed friend. Forgetting about your  pet will not give you closure on your pet’s death, in fact it is better to commemorate them rather than to forget about them entirely. Putting tumbled bluestone pet memorials in your garden with a short message of endearment to your pet will release the pain of his or her passing and it will let you focus on the good times you have spent with your pet.

We all know how hard it is to lose a pet we have grown to love and care about, but what we all must understand is that life goes on and honoring the life they have spent with us would be the best way to move on, lingering on their death would only give us pain. If your pet were alive, they would not want you to feel sad, so do not linger on their death but instead celebrate the happiness they have brought you while they were still living. Celebrate their life with a tumbled bluestone memorial.

Help yourself to remember your dearly beloved pet and allow the good times back into your life. Soften the grief you are feeling after your companion’s passing; buy tumbled bluestone pet memorials, the perfect memorial stone to enshrine the life of your pet.

These Pet Expressions are here to help you in creating the perfect message for your memorial. These are some that our past clients have used and we thought they would be helpful in your creativity.

Small and Medium Stones

  • My Beloved Pet
  • Our Beloved Pet
  • My Faithful Friend
  • Our Faithful Friend
  • In Memory Forever
  • Rest In Peace
  • My Buddy
  • Our Buddy
  • Forever In My Heart

Large Stones
Expressions marked with a * can only accommodate breed picture and name. No top line expression.

  • My Beloved Pet
  • Our Beloved Pet
  • My Faithful Friend
  • Our Faithful Friend
  • In Memory Forever
  • Rest in Peace
  • My Buddy
  • Our Buddy
  • Forever in My Heart
  • My Faithful Friend & Companion
  • Our Faithful Friend & Companion
  • Until We Meet Again, Find Peace in Heavens Hands
  • Gone Yet Not Forgotten, Your Spirit Lives Within Me
  • Rest Well My Faithful Friend
  • If Tears Could Build a Stairway and Memories a Lane, I’d Walk Right up to Heaven and Bring You Back Again*
  • No Farewell Words Were Spoken, No Time to Say Goodbye, You Were Gone Before We Knew It, But Only God Knows Why*
  • Our Hearts Still Ache in Sadness, and Secret Tears Still Flow, What It Meant to Lose You, No One Will Ever Know*
  • Gone Yet Not Forgotten, Although We Are Apart, Your Spirit Lives Within Me, Forever in My Heart*